Jennifer McNulty

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is written on the behalf of my family and me, Jennifer McNulty, in regards to Brandon Hedinger of The Lane Team at Keller Williams Bluegrass Realty. In the spring of 2014, my family very abruptly decided to relocate from Pikeville to Lexington, KY. This was not an easy decision to make, but it was the best decision for our sons.

Pikeville had been home for many years and we were content living in the area, we had created a beautiful home, and established long term relationships. We were blessed that within two days of our decision, someone offered to buy our house in Pikeville immediately. Although we took it as a sign and blessing, that quick sale brought with it many problems. We needed to find a realtor and home quickly in Lexington.

It was by chance and our good fortune that we met Brandon. During this difficult and emotional time, I was still teaching, the boys were still in school and “house-hunting” would become a monumental task of frequent visits to Lexington. However, Brandon went completely out of his way to help ease my anxiety and not just help us find a home, but to help us transition as a family. He was so patient with us. I was not completely sure what I wanted and would frequently become frustrated with myself. But he didn’t. He just kept asking questions, probing me to explore what I really wanted in a home. I never felt like he was trying to sell me a home or “ride the fence both ways”. Home after home, showing us a little of everything, just so that we would become more aware of what we really wanted; after all, sometimes you know what you want only after you know what you don’t want. Our laundry list of demands for our new home was quite taxing. We had told Brandon that we wanted a move in ready home…turnkey, ten minutes within our son’s high school, closer to the city, in a neighborhood where we could meet people…I’m sure for any realtor we appeared to be THAT family. He obliged our demands and showed us many turn-key homes, but none just seemed to fit. Again, he asked questions, and even though we said turn-key, I was looking for something that I could “fix” and make my own. He picked up on that and led us to the home that we now own. I needed a home that I could “fix enough” to add my own personal touches and call my own…he recognized that way before I did…and that was just the beginning.

He held our hand (long distance from Pikeville) through all the paperwork, bank meetings, inspections, closures, etc. But I would expect any realtor to do that, it’s basically their job. But what he did after we signed the papers speaks the loudest of his true character. The home we chose needed quite the TLC…we needed painters, electricians, plumbers, people to rip up and reinstall floors, walls, porches, etc. Brandon contacted multiple contractors of various kinds that he, himself, had inquired for quality references and craftsmanship. He personally scheduled appointments so that I could meet them, interview them, and allow them to quote jobs for me. He was like a realtor, contractor, and design assistant all rolled up in one. I don’t think Brandon will ever know how much he truly helped our family. He never grew tired of my phones calls, text, or emails….or at least he never let on that he did! He was honest with us and was on our side. We consider him a real friend, not just our realtor, and many of our friends have heard our comments or stories of how Brandon helped or “saved” us.

In closing, it is my pleasure to recommend Brandon in helping you find your home or even sell your home, because we will certainly employ his skills when that time comes. I feel honored to have the opportunity to write this letter. It is a small token of appreciation on my behalf to thank him for helping us quickly acclimate to Lexington and making our new home really feel like home. Please feel free to contact me personally.


Jennifer C. McNulty

— Jennifer C. McNulty